WritingRoma enables readers to experience Rome in a way no other website does. I write about past eyewitness writing about this magnificent city. The items here reflect on a specific place in the city and a specific time in its history. The motive is to amplify readers’ experience of the city as they move through it in their bodies or in their minds.

Rome is a city made of voices that capture experience of it—the imagined and the observed—in all genre: poetry, diary, memoir, inscription, biography, myth, history, fiction, and graffiti.

The stories that inspire me were produced by a diverse cast of writers, from the famous like Julius Caesar and Tennessee Williams, to the anonymous, such as medieval scribes identified by a single name (Leo and Bertaldus, Peter and Castorius, John and Placidus) or no name at all.

Read together these epic vignettes bring back to life the exploits and foibles, fantasies and real life tribulations of the men and women—adventurers and artists, popes, courtesans, politicians, the criminals, reformers, tramps, and refugees—who continue to make Rome a global city.

The content here is inspired partly by my academic work (I earned an M.Phil in history) but most especially by the years I’ve lived in Rome and have come to know the city on foot and through its archives.